MAIPN MeshNet featured at Berryville

Keith Elkin and his wife continued their friendly promotion of the 802.11 Mesh Net concepts while at the very popular Berryville ham fest this morning (Sunday August 7, 2016). One quick takeaway from the smart layout of information is the URL of a new web presence for this project…

Mid-Atlantic IP Network (MAIPN)

We love the name and the catchy abbreviation. MAIPN – VAPN – Hmmm, great minds think alike 😉

VAPN has an interest in participating in this network by provisioning appropriate gear on the hill and, perhaps, exposing a packet node telnet port on the MAIPN net. While we peruse the growing library of MAIPN documentation we hope to see clarification and assurances about:

  • The efficacy of ensuring only amateur radio operators exist on the network – ensures no 3rd party traffic might flow through VAPN;
  • The real Internet never ever touches the MAIPN space for what should be obvious security reasons.

For now, it simply isn’t clear about either point despite some verbal assurances. We maintain hope and will continue to monitor the exciting progress of the MAIPN.
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