30m Port

HF 10 MHz RP coverage

The use of propagation tools for an HF band becomes more about luck and less about absolute science as environmental variables grow.  Nonetheless here is the model prediction for the 30m band based on some typical antenna gains using a vertical antenna.

VAPN HF 30m Coverage Area - 400 x 400 km
VAPN HF 30m Coverage Area – 400 x 400 km

As Longley-Rice isn’t suppose to work below 20 MHz, it’s a bit unclear what Radio Mobile is really doing to produce these results.  That said, my score card on Radio Mobile is in pretty good shape so it is at least worth posting the result for broad comparisons to the higher bands.

200, 300, 600 bps

The plan is to use a SCS Tracker DSP TNC model for all HF ports.  This supports regular FSK 300 baud speed, plus the proprietary Robust Packet mode.  The modem is much more affordable than some of the more familiar SCS products.  On air performance is impressive.


We envision only one 30m port on the VAPN.  We will quite likely explore options for other HF bands from time to time.