BBS Message Type & Status

The following applies to BPQ32 BBS software written by John Wiseman (G8BPQ) accessed by typing BBS and the W4VPN node prompt.

Column three of this example list of messages contains a two letter code for the status of the message.

96  15-Dec PN   20 KX4O           KX4O   Self test
95  14-Dec BN  120 INFO           KX4O   VAPN Rules and Regs
94  14-Dec BN   36 INFO           KX4O   VAPN B Test
59  10-Dec PY  194 KD6AKC @W4VPN  KX4O   Re:Saturday Morning Test
48  08-Dec PN  254 K2PI           KX4O   Hi Harv
18  03-Dec TN  180 04915  @NTSME  KX4O   QTC 1 R BELFAST ME 540 341
2   28-Nov PY  449 KD6AKC         KX4O   VAPN now on Linux box

The first character is the message type code while the second character is the status code.

Message type codes

  • P – Personal Message addressed to a particular callsign or, for VAPN supporters, an Internet email.
  • B – Bulletin addressed to a CATEGORY. The category is limited to six characters and should indicate the nature of the message.
  • T – National Traffic System (NTS) messages: NTS messages require special addressing and a prescribed format.

Message status codes

  • N – “N”o message has not been delivered or read.
  • Y – “Y”es message has been read.
  • F – Message has been “F”orwarded to addressed BBS.
  • K – Message has been “K”illed by the SYSOP or during regular housekeeping.
  • H – Message has been “H”eld by the system – for example a new user.
  • D – Message has been “D”elivered – Used for NTS message status.
  • $ – Bulletin is pending delivery to addressed BBS