WinRPR Settings

TNC commands for WinRPR

As usual in this WA8DED style TNC you must type the Escape key before any command.

  • %B (300, R300, R600, 1200, 9600) – Selects modem type and speed.
  • %D (0,1) – Parallel FSK300 decoder when in Robust Packet mode – %D0 = off, %D1 = on.
  • I (callsign) – Sets MYCALL for the current channel (See S).
  • @K – Initiates KISS mode on serial and socket connections.
  • L – Display the status of the eleven logical TNC “S” channels.
  • S (0,1-10) – Selects TNC channel.  0 = UI(APRS), 1-10 = ten connected channels.
  • %X(0-2500) – Sets output amplitude for all modes.

Note: You must be on S channels 1-10 for connected mode AX.25 packet.  Channel 0 is only for UI “broadcast” packets… APRS for example, but you could do keyboard to keyboard this way without the overhead of connected mode.

Commands to type at the prompt to access W4VPN

  • ESCAPE %B R300 – Sets to Robust Packet… try R600 if conditions are good
  • ESCAPE S0 – Set to the UI channel (probably already is)
  • ESCAPE I yourcall – Set your callsign to channel 0, this should propagate to the other channels too
  • ESCAPE S1 – Change the active TNC channel to one that can perform connect mode
  • ESCAPE I – Check to be sure your callsign got set from the previous I command… if not…
  • ESCAPE I yourcall – Set channel S1 callsign if the earlier attempt in step 3 didn’t propagate to all channels.
  • ESCAPE C W4VPN – initiate a command attempt to W4VPN

Example WinRPR_Config.txt file

; WATERFALL 0 = COLORED, 1 = BW "inverted", 2 = BW "normal"
; FOOTPRINT OF WinRPR: 0=normal, 1=small

; Audio Device Number, starting at 1

; PTT COM number
; Set to 1 if DTR should be used instead of RTS

; Set it to a COM port generated by com0com tool

; Traditionally...
; - 8000 for AGW (not supported),
; - 8001 for KISS,
; - 8002 for TNC prompt

; # is used as ESC character
; Turn off parallel multi-mode decode
#%d 0
#s 0
; set mycall for the current channel set with s!!!
#i KX4O
; set transmit level!!!
#%x 600
; Set modulation
#%b R300
; activate KISS, if required