As of May 17, 2016, the Virginia Packet Network (VAPN) operates with the call sign W4VPN.  Other sequential callsigns may be added as needed based on system growth.


The VAPN node and applications have the following SSIDs:

  • W4VPN (aka W4VPN-0) – The node itself;
  • W4VPN-1 – BBS Application – Bulletin Board System – Utilitarian email capability available for VAPN supporters;
  • W4VPN-2 – CHAT – The Chat Server;
  • W4VPN-10 – CMS – The notional¬†tunnel to the Winlink email system;

Understand the usual packet radio custom of directly connecting to an application by typing, for example, “C W4VPN-1” in your TNC to go straight to the BBS, will not work correctly on all ports as some of the TNCs are operating in user mode for superior AX.25 performance.


Note: VAPN’s initial callsign KM4TML was never once used on the air during its short existence.¬† VAPN will ignore requests for QSL confirmations for KM4TML.