BBS Commands

This list of BBS Application commands comes directly from the BPQ32 web page, copied here for the convenience of VAPN patrons.

? or Help – Displays a list of commands.


  • V — Displays Version number of the BBS and Node software.
  • B or Bye — Disconnects from the BBS.

User details

  • Home — Enters or modifies the Home BBS. A point deletes the current Home BBS.
  • Z — Enters or modifies the Zip Code.
  • N — Enters or modifies the name (max 12 characters allowed).
  • OP <number of lines> — Enables or disables the paging of output.
  • Q — Enters or modifies QTH.

I-commands queries information about users

  • I — Display sysop – provided information about this BBS.
  • I callsign — Gives the information on callsign taken from the white pages database. Callsign can include wildcards.
  • I@ bbs — Gives the users of BBS found in the WP database.
  • IH route — Gives the users of the hierarchical route area from the WP database.
  • IZ Zip — Gives the users of the ZIP code area from WP database.

K-commands delete messages sent by you or to you

  • K msg# — Deletes a message identified by its number.
  • KM — Deletes all the messages addressed to you, that you haven’t yet read.

L-commands list message headers

  • L — Lists the new messages since the last usage of this command.
  • Lx — List messages with status “x” – x can be D F N Y $.
  • LB —Lists bulletins.
  • LC — Lists all Bulletin “categories” (TO Fields)
  • LM — Lists the messages to you.
  • LL n —Lists the last n messages.
  • LR — Equivalent to L but the messages are listed in reverse order.
  • LT — List Traffic (NTS-messages).
  • L< Callsign — Lists message from [Callsign].
  • L> Callsign — Lists messages to [Callsign].
  • L@ [BBS] — Lists the messages VIA BBS.
  • L msg#- — Lists all messages, starting from msg#
  • L msg#-msg# — Lists messages between the given numbers.

R-commands read messages

  • R msg# msg# — Reads the messages by their numbers.
  • RM — Reads new messages to you.

S-commands send messages

  • S[type] callsign Sends a message or a bulletin; If the type is not specified, it will be sent as private.
  • SP callsign — Sends a private message.
  • S callsign @ BBSCALLSIGN — Sends a message to a station AT another BBS; The message must be terminated by a Ctrl/Z or /EX followed by a return.
  • SC Msg# Callsign @ BBSCALLSIGN — Copies a message or bulletin to the specified callsign.
  • SR Msg# Replies to a message.