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David W0DHG talks to Jim Wades WB8SIW and Joe Ames W3JY of Radio Relay International about the organization, it’s beginnings, how it works, and why. Radio Relay International can be found at

Jim Wades and Joe Ames competently explain the reasoning behind the creation of Radio Relay International to bring focus on the merits of the NTS system.

Key takeaways

  • The ARRL no longer eagerly promotes the use of NTS hence leading to shrinking interest among hams.
  • Despite this observation, a core population of NTS aficionados still exist and maintain a functional network.
  • NTS is agnostic to the means used for conveyance of the message. Voice, CW and many digital methods are all applicable.
  • Puerto Rico, hurricane Maria, and the Red Cross/Amateur Radio coalition response highlight a need for a modicum amount of training.
  • Radio Relay International (RRI) exists to speak for, promote, and organize the NTS system much like other amateur advocacy groups promote their activities (FISTS, SKCC, SOTA, etc.).
  • RRI seeks interoperability with both ham and non-ham civic groups to create a cooperative and functional communications National SOS system.
  • RRI hopes to become the framework the amateur operator may lean on to pass a message.

Thinking outside the ‘ARRL’ box

Spend some time on their web site. They appear to be working very hard on ways to apply traditional ham and non-ham techniques for a more complete answer to moving data from point a to b to c and back. What’s becoming clear is the notion new ideas have been unshackled from the lackadaisical ARRL jail.


I have to say I am optimistic and energized to see an organization unapologetically promote the NTS approach to moving messages and the notion NTS is one part of a larger communications plan. Jim and Joe do so with maturity. Keep it up gentlemen. The Virginia Packet Network will do what we can, within reason, to support your efforts.

Visit their web site here…

Don’t be dismayed by their visually barren web site. They put the meat and potatoes of their content and comments in their PDF newsletters. The web site only exists to point to these files rather than display content directly although this appears to be changing for the better. The newsletters are reasonably well done and well worth at least skimming.


I’m excited about NTS Radiograms again. Thanks goes to Ham Radio Now for providing an independent outlet of amateur radio topics. Yeah some of their content can be a bit difficult to sit through, but that’s the price to pay for the occasional RBI.

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The NTS revolution bears fruit.

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