Adding High Speed Access

Lately I’ve been asking local amateurs what they’d like to see in a packet system that might bring them back to packet.  A common complaint is the slow speed of packet.  HamNet and other Mesh networks are the systems they speak of while sharing their speed-dreams.

Packet systems have offered a TCP/IP telnet capability for years,  The latest high speed network systems offer TCP/IP.  A match made in heaven?  Time will tell.  For now reserving a place for the future equipment is easy enough.  The block diagram is amended thus.

2016-02-18 VAPN System Line Drawing
2016-02-18 VAPN System Line Drawing

DC to Daylight?

Not quite, but the frequency range of the above system seems to try.  Adding HamNet provides the best of both worlds with a messaging system accessible by slow HF, less slow VHF up to blazing fast.  Of course the propagation differences provide the user something new… choice.