June 2020 Status Report

80m port

Experiments with HF Packet (300 baud) on the 80m port were successful.  The quality of the data link is much less that what Robust Packet Radio (RPR) supports, but at least it works.  KV4AN in Richmond, Virginia regularly checks for NTS messages without issue for either HF Packet or RPR, but reports a better result with RPR.

2m port

Frequency moved to avoid QRM on 145.030 from PA packet stations.  After some analysis of Winlink.org packet port data, we found 144.930 to be the best candidate for a nice quiet channel in the Northern Virginia area.  The 600 kHz up frequency of 145.530 MHz also looks devoid of any Winlink stations that sets the stage for duplex testing.


With KV4AN, an NTS CW Net participant, now querying VAPN regularly we are now, more or less, officially on the NTS system.  Moving Field Day NTS messages doesn’t get much simpler than with Packet.  We will set the 80m port to HF Packet during Field Day to provide maximum benefit to individuals and clubs participating in this new pandemic paradigm.  The 2m port is available to those local to Fauquier County, Virginia.  We will try to get a 6m port open as well.