November 2016 status report

Test system up and running on 145.03 MHz in the low lands

Progress continues on the prototype 2m port including the SCS Tracker and BPQ32/Win7. This system is up and running at the KX4O QTH in Opal, Virginia on 145.03 MHz. No this isn’t high and clear with any real service area, but does help flesh out the particulars of preparing a system like this. Feel free to give it a try on 1200 and drop a message in the BBS.

2nd SCS Tracker DSP TNC purchased

A 2nd hand SCS Tracker TNC came up for sale on the BPQ32 Yahoo group and we purchased it straight away. With two units we can test the Robust Packet mode. The near future for both units is to be the TNCs for the VHF and UHF ports. However given the results of our poll to the right, we may well put up an HF port before UHF.

Rack mount PC received

A Supermicro 1U rack mount PC, ECC memory, SSD and magnetic drive arrived today. This is the next big step towards getting BPQ32 off my Win7 personal PC and on to a remotely managed, headless Linux system running LinBPQ. Ah Linux… it’s been a while since I’ve had the pleasure of building up a new Ubuntu system.


We received a kind donation to our VAPN efforts. Every little bit helps as we also donate our time and materials to this project.


The VAPN is an independent group with no real legal organization as of yet. Plans are in the works to change this very quickly with a focus on having the VAPN organization outlive us.