Passing ARRL Field Day messages the easy way with packet radio

Here is a video of our radio group passing field day bonus point messages off site using packet radio. Gear includes: Kenwood TS-2000 transceiver, but not using the internal TNC as it is not up to the task of regular packet radio use; SignaLink USB soundcard interface; Direwolf software TNC; N9TAX Slimjim J antenna; Outpost … Read more

SCS Tracker in bad mood

VAPN has its first technical hiccup involving the SCS Tracker TNC getting into a strange state where it responds to connect requests with a short blurb and that’s it. Category: TNC – Severity: Block

2m rollout opportunity possibly Fall 2016

2016-03-02 VAPN System Line Drawing

Opportunity knocks The curators of the local Fauquier 145.730 MHz packet node┬ádecommissioned their system on the very same hill we hope to rollout our version of the┬áVirginia Packet Network. The antenna and cavity filter are still in place. This makes our 2m packet frequency open for use with relative ease. With some lobbying efforts from … Read more

Incorporating Direwolf into the VAPN design

Sample log from Direwolf

Direwolf – What’s not to like The more I learn about the various software demodulating algorithms in the amateur community, the more I like their commitment towards using correlation and other techniques to squeeze a few more good AX.25 frames out of the ether.  The Direwolf project appears to be one effort incorporating the lessons … Read more