Radio Relay Revolution?

Radio Relay International (RRI)

There is a new NTS kid on the block as reported in the September issue of the QNI Newsletter. They begin…

“A new organization called ‘Radio Relay International ®’ has been incorporated in the State of California. Radio Relay International (RRI) is a nonprofit, public service corporation dedicated to developing and maintaining a high-grade, professional quality emergency communications infrastructure.”

Apparently the kerfuffle among NTS and ARRL management has driven a wedge deep enough between groups to initiate a new and ARRL-independent organization. This fifteen page PDF newsletter highlights:

  • Their take on applying modern tech to the EMCOMM messaging task;
  • The change of NTSD to Radio Relay International DTN;
  • A lengthy description and metrics of the Cascadia Rising exercise;
  • How CW performed well in a backup role during poor propagation.

With the additional admonition to worry not about a zombie apocalypse and focus more on likely emergency events, I found this well worth the read. I have concerns about the use of “automated PACTOR” for anything in amateur radio, but at least there are some fresh ideas to address the previous groupthink approaches.

VAPN will, of course, remain indifferent to all of this. We are busy enough engineering a reliable system. Hence we will be busy in the future keeping it that way. We do hope it might be of use to the “new” NTS, but that’s not our call.

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Things are getting out of hand, but occasionally revolution is good.


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