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More details added to the VAPN block diagram.

Direwolf – What’s not to like The more I learn about the various software demodulating algorithms in the amateur community, the more I like their commitment towards using correlation and other techniques to squeeze a few more good AX.25 frames out of the ether.  The Direwolf project appears to be one effort incorporating the lessons […]

An initial request for examination has been sent to the facility manager of the primary site candidate for the VAPN.  Details forwarded include:

  • A frequency list to provide the other tenants an opportunity to voice their concerns of these freqs or their harmonics;
  • A statement that no tower real estate is needed or desired – only ground mounted antennas required;
  • A statement the rack will comply with and exceed any radio room requirements.
  • Proposed location of rack equipment;
  • Proposed ac power circuit from the breaker panel.

A critical first step is now complete.  Let’s hope for the best outcome.

Bought a Raspberry Pi and two TNC-PI TNCs for consideration as a hilltop remote node.

Lately I’ve been asking local amateurs what they’d like to see in a packet system that might bring them back to packet.  A common complaint is the slow speed of packet.  HamNet and other Mesh networks are the systems they speak of while sharing their speed-dreams. Packet systems have offered a TCP/IP telnet capability for […]