Introduction to Packet Radio

New to packet?  Want to learn how it was in the beginning?  There are lots of resources on the Internet, but none quite as clear, concise and descriptive as Larry Kenney’s (WB9LOZ) 1980s-1990s “Introduction to Packet Radio.” The basics of packet radio haven’t changed all that much over the years and Larry’s body of work withstands the test of time.  Larry presents the following packet radio topics:

  1. What Is Packet Radio?
  2. Getting on the Air With Packet
  3. TNC Commands – Part 1 of 3
  4. Digipeaters and Nodes – the basics
  5. Introduction to the Bulletin Board System
  6. BBS Commands – Using the Packet BBS
  7. Packet Message Addressing
  8. The Packet Message – A Detailed Look
  9. Packet Radio White Pages Database
  10. Using the Node Network – Part 1 of 2
  11. Using the Node Network – Part 2 of 2
  12. National Traffic System and Packet Radio
  13. TNC Commands – Part 2 of 3
  14. TNC Commands – Part 3 of 3
  15. Tips for Better Packet Operation
  16. Packet Radio Review – Quiz
  17. Packet Radio Review – Answers
  18. WB9LOZ’s Parting Comments

Larry no longer participates in packet radio, but keeps his tutorial available on the web with generous terms for making your own copy.

Learn about Packet Radio here
Learn about Packet Radio here