Instruction manuals for electrical devices often take last place in priorities when time comes to actually write them. Such is the case with the SCS Tracker DSP TNC.

Radio manufacturers use digital jargon to obscure the actual analog behavior of FM transceivers thereby misleading users of the MiniDIN data jack.

Outpost Packet Message Manager promises a familiar user interface to good ol’ packet BBS messages, but with a non-trivial learning curve in setup.

Reasons for selection of and adventures of setting up a Supermicro SuperServer 5018A-TN4 for the VAPN main machine for hosting BPQ32 applications.

The organizers of the Appalachian Trail Golden Packet exercise switched from 1200 to 9600 bps in their Kenwood APRS gear.

Bought a Raspberry Pi and two TNC-PI TNCs for consideration as a hilltop remote node.