The SCS Tracker DSP TNC works very well, but we noticed some additional energy transmitted above and below the primary Robust Packet 500 Hz bandwidth.

Instruction manuals for electrical devices often take last place in priorities when time comes to actually write them. Such is the case with the SCS Tracker DSP TNC.

23 December 2016 · Topic: Bugs · Tags: , , , , ,

VAPN has its first technical hiccup involving the SCS Tracker TNC getting into a strange state where it responds to connect requests with a short blurb and that’s it. Category: TNC – Severity: Block

The SCS Tracker DSP TNC wins its way into the overall design of the VAPN.

Our interaction with SCS engineers reaps an improvement in 1200 AFSK performance in their Tracker DSP Terminal Node Controller yielding one TNC with packet modes for DC to daylight.