23 December 2016 · Topic: Bugs · Tags: , , , , ,

VAPN has its first technical hiccup involving the SCS Tracker TNC getting into a strange state where it responds to connect requests with a short blurb and that’s it. Category: TNC – Severity: Block

21 December 2016 · Topic: Planning · Tags: ,

What would it take to get VAPN connected to Internet email? Let’s examine the points.

This data flow block diagram highlights the high level view of data movement through the VaPN system to include the option of an Internet email gateway.

The SCS Tracker DSP TNC wins its way into the overall design of the VAPN.

Outpost Packet Message Manager promises a familiar user interface to good ol’ packet BBS messages, but with a non-trivial learning curve in setup.

Like Stephen King’s “The Mist,” a fog has settled over the Internet landscape making the mere act of stepping outside one’s DMZ a potentially dangerous act. The fog only gets worse with time leaving stopgap, protempore, Internet independent messaging systems like AX.25 packet more viable than ever.

Reasons for selection of and adventures of setting up a Supermicro SuperServer 5018A-TN4 for the VAPN main machine for hosting BPQ32 applications.

What’s been happening in the VAPN development. Topics: Test system up, 2nd Tracker, Rackmount PC, Donations, Organization.

Our interaction with SCS engineers reaps an improvement in 1200 AFSK performance in their Tracker DSP Terminal Node Controller yielding one TNC with packet modes for DC to daylight.

Fracturing in the NTS organizational paradigm has spawned a well organized resistance movement based on quantifiable successes in the Cascadia Rising FEMA simulation. Viva la revoluciĆ³n?!?!?