Where AX.25 fits into the ARS digital landscape

Where packet fits

Any feasibility study needs an assessment of the competing technology landscape. Following our doctrine the following figure shows the data rate vs. frequency (as wavelength) of several ham inspired digital methods. This graphic is used elsewhere in the main pages of this site. It shows the general trend of high speed with higher frequency. More digital … Read more

KY Packet Network Going Dark

KYPN - Gone but not forgotten

WA4ZKO posted the upcoming dismantling of the various components of the Kentucky Packet Network and other amateur radio assets on the informative web blog… https://kypn.wordpress.com/ Twenty-five years is a good long run and we wish the KYPN folks the best in their endeavors. The enormous contribution of technical knowhow formally contained in the above web site … Read more

W4VPN callsign received

We have received confirmation and callsign for the Virginia Packet Network “club” organization from the FCC.  This is the next step towards putting some test gear on the air to begin experimentation. UPDATE May 17, 2016: The FCC has granted our petition for the vanity callsign W4VPN. Graphic courtesy http://www6.flamingtext.com/

Adding High Speed Access

2016-02-18 VAPN System Line Drawing

Lately I’ve been asking local amateurs what they’d like to see in a packet system that might bring them back to packet.  A common complaint is the slow speed of packet.  HamNet and other Mesh networks are the systems they speak of while sharing their speed-dreams. Packet systems have offered a TCP/IP telnet capability for … Read more