This data flow block diagram highlights the high level view of data movement through the VaPN system to include the option of an Internet email gateway.

The SCS Tracker DSP TNC wins its way into the overall design of the VAPN.

Our interaction with SCS engineers reaps an improvement in 1200 AFSK performance in their Tracker DSP Terminal Node Controller yielding one TNC with packet modes for DC to daylight.

02 March 2016 · Topic: Design · Tags: ,

March 2, 2016 revision of the VAPN high level block diagram.

29 February 2016 · Topic: Design · Tags:

More details added to the VAPN block diagram.

Direwolf – What’s not to like The more I learn about the various software demodulating algorithms in the amateur community, the more I like their commitment towards using correlation and other techniques to squeeze a few more good AX.25 frames out of the ether.  The Direwolf project appears to be one effort incorporating the lessons […]

Lately I’ve been asking local amateurs what they’d like to see in a packet system that might bring them back to packet.  A common complaint is the slow speed of packet.  HamNet and other Mesh networks are the systems they speak of while sharing their speed-dreams. Packet systems have offered a TCP/IP telnet capability for […]

A bit of doodling in Visio yields this initial concept for the Virginia Packet Network. Raspberry Pi?!? Yes that is a Raspberry Pi.  No it is not a high reliability, fault tolerant system.  Plans for an upgrade are already in the works, but let’s face a very nice fact… the Raspberry Pi is a dirt […]