Representatives from the newly formed Radio Relay International speak with Ham Radio Now to provide perspectives on where NTS radiograms fit into today’s amateur and non-amateur commo landscape.

Waiting for a spot on the mountain shouldn’t prevent adding tremendously useful HF access to the VAPN system so that’s exactly what we are going to do in the lowlands.

Three months after the 2017 ARRL Field Day, several radiograms are finally delivered to their recipients despite the mystery revolving around moving NTS messages digitally.

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Two hundred (200) bonus points are available to ARRL Field Day participants who can relay NTS messages off site via RF and VAPN provides this service in the Northern Virginia area.

Fracturing in the NTS organizational paradigm has spawned a well organized resistance movement based on quantifiable successes in the Cascadia Rising FEMA simulation. Viva la revoluciĆ³n?!?!?

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What do FEMA, the ARRL and the National Traffic System (NTS) have in common? A lawsuit of course.