The SCS Tracker DSP TNC works very well, but we noticed some additional energy transmitted above and below the primary Robust Packet 500 Hz bandwidth.

Representatives from the newly formed Radio Relay International speak with Ham Radio Now to provide perspectives on where NTS radiograms fit into today’s amateur and non-amateur commo landscape.

Flying cell sites bring connectivity back to the masses post disaster and companies lead the innovation.

Savvy products from notable vendors continue the trend of empowering anyone well removed from cell and amateur radio infrastructure with communications capabilities.

Instruction manuals for electrical devices often take last place in priorities when time comes to actually write them. Such is the case with the SCS Tracker DSP TNC.

20 November 2017 · Topic: Bugs · Tags: , , , ,

Problems with a failing USB connection to our 30m TNC are resolved, for now, with an ad hoc solution of rearranging where the USB ports plug into the Linux system.

Waiting for a spot on the mountain shouldn’t prevent adding tremendously useful HF access to the VAPN system so that’s exactly what we are going to do in the lowlands.

Negotiations for hill top space continue while we consider adding HF to the current 2m prototype.

Three months after the 2017 ARRL Field Day, several radiograms are finally delivered to their recipients despite the mystery revolving around moving NTS messages digitally.

Radio manufacturers use digital jargon to obscure the actual analog behavior of FM transceivers thereby misleading users of the MiniDIN data jack.