The following applies to BPQ32 BBS software written by John Wiseman (G8BPQ) accessed by typing BBS and the W4VPN node prompt.

Column three of this example list of messages contains a two letter code for the status of the message.

96  15-Dec PN   20 KX4O           KX4O   Self test
95  14-Dec BN  120 INFO           KX4O   VAPN Rules and Regs
94  14-Dec BN   36 INFO           KX4O   VAPN B Test
59  10-Dec PY  194 KD6AKC @W4VPN  KX4O   Re:Saturday Morning Test
48  08-Dec PN  254 K2PI           KX4O   Hi Harv
18  03-Dec TN  180 04915  @NTSME  KX4O   QTC 1 R BELFAST ME 540 341
2   28-Nov PY  449 KD6AKC         KX4O   VAPN now on Linux box

The first character is the message type code while the second character is the status code.

Message type codes

  • P – Personal Message addressed to a particular callsign or, for VAPN supporters, an Internet email.
  • B – Bulletin addressed to a CATEGORY. The category is limited to six characters and should indicate the nature of the message.
  • T – National Traffic System (NTS) messages: NTS messages require special addressing and a prescribed format.

Message status codes

  • N – “N”o message has not been delivered or read.
  • Y – “Y”es message has been read.
  • F – Message has been “F”orwarded to addressed BBS.
  • K – Message has been “K”illed by the SYSOP or during regular housekeeping.
  • H – Message has been “H”eld by the system – for example a new user.
  • D – Message has been “D”elivered – Used for NTS message status.
  • $ – Bulletin is pending delivery to addressed BBS